Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Performance Mod

The methods to increase H.P. in flatheads has been developed over the years, these are tried and true methods that we still use today, these methods have names that the average lay person would probably not know, below is a glossary of these methods.
PORTING, this is the grinding away of lumps, bumps and excess materiel left in the intake and exhaust ports when the engine is cast and the valve seats machined.

POLISHING, when porting a rough grinder is used, after porting the inside of the intake and exhaust ports are polished, the intake is cleaned up and smoothed but not shined, the exhaust port is cleaned up and polished to a shine.
RELIEVING, this is when material is removed from the top of the block between the intake and exhaust ports and the piston bore, serious relieving is to mill material out of the block for better flow of the gasses, mild relieving is when material is removed from the chamfers around the valves for better flow of the fuel.

HI LIFT CAM, when a cam is reground the cam grinder will take material off the bottom of the cam heel, this causes the valve to be opened higher, the profile is also changed so the valve will remain open longer, both of these changes helps put more air/fuel mixture into the engine.
STROKING, Stroking is a method of increasing the compression of an engine. Stroking is accomplished by regrinding the crankshaft at an offset, this causes the piston to come up higher in the cylinder bore thereby increasing the compression.

OVERSIZE INTAKE VALVES, the intake valve in a Champion is approximately 1 1/4 inch in diameter, I have found a valve that is 1 1/2 inch in diameter and will increase the intake flow greatly, they are of stainless steel.
DUAL CARBURETOR INTAKE MANIFOLD, these manifolds are aluminum manifolds made to hold 2 carburetors instead of 1 for better fuel distribution and increased H.P.

DUAL EXHAUST HEADERS, this is the manufacture of 2 separate exhaust headers, each header carries the exhaust gasses from 3 ports, I manufacture these headers from parts of the exhaust manifolds, at present there are no cast headers available.
IGNITION SYSTEMS, up until now there hasn't been much that you could do for a 6 volt ignition distributor, however I have just developed an electronic breakerless ignition system to fit the Autolite distributor on Champions, it is available in 6 volt positive ground and 12 volt negative ground, this will make a great improvement in the performance and dependability of the Champion engine.