Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Battery And Alternator Tester

In the video I have used Kennedy Make Battery and alternator tester for motorcycles. There are total 6 LED's on the top. Lower LED's given for battery and upper for alternator/RR unit output indication. Lower LED has got info regarding battery voltage or capacity. if all is well then all three LED's will glow up. If upper LED fail to glow then you can consider that battery has got some problem. This can be done without switching the bike ignition key on. Also upper LED's are given for alternator/RR unit. To check the status of alternator/RR unit you need to start the bike and in engine running condition. If all glows then output is fine. If non glows then alternator is not throwing any voltage. If middle and lower LED glows then voltage is low. And if only lower glows then voltage is very low. So after this indication you should be able to diagnose the culprit. Very simple tool to use.