Sunday, January 26, 2014

Racing Canister Karizma-R (Free Flow)

Hello all riders out there..Here is the video showing free flow canister for Track/Street racing purpose.
This vehicle had stock canister which was choking up lot of power. After installation the vehicle gained quite a good power (not dyno tested yet).

1.Its completely plug and play slip on type.
2.Same stock bend pipe has been used
3.Can re-fit old OEM canister just in seconds.
4.Loud with deep note
5.Stainless steel material
6.Lighter than OEM canister
7.Uplifted/Upswept so can be done cornering very easily.
8.DB killer can be installed if one wants to reduce the noise for city usage.
9.App. 110db at 3000RPM (INDOOR)
10.App. 400CFM at 3000RPM (INDOOR)

(DB and CFM can be changed area to area / tool to tool / weather temp / testing method)

Comparison Pictures

Stock Canister

Below is The modified New Free Flow Exhaust