Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Motorcycle Repair Crash Course

Learn and repair Motorcycle and don't get fool by Mechs....

My teaching fee is near to 10000Rs. for 30days (physical days.)

+ free video for learning online + ref.books xerox. (you will have to take it your own way) + tools on chargeable basis + xerox copy of service manuals (what ever i have I will give you-each manual that you will pay if you want). . pre-payment of all. excluding tools. tools u can choose then i can give u cost. + your trust and determination....

if not possible constantly then u can come sat and aim is to complete 30 days...

for more details call on 9822212496
Location - Pune
Not affiliated to any institute or organisation.
This is for learning basics.
No job guaranty.
No certification course.   

The course is based on my own experience which I have gathered from last 15yrs. I may be wrong while teaching because I am also human being who makes error. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

25 duped by online ads for superbikes at throwaway prices; 3 of gang arrested

MUMBAI: A racket involving Nigerians and Indians who offered imported superbikes for sale at throwaway prices on the internet and cheated at least 25 people has been busted by the property cell of the crime branch.

While the property cell arrested three people, Kalam Shaikh alias Shams, Dilshad Mansuri and Kailash Kumar, the police said several teams were scouring the city for four Nigerians running the racket.

"They advertised imported goods, particularly superbikes, and said they were selling these at a throwaway price," an officer said. "They would claim to be foreigners who had worked in India for some or the other project but now had gone back to their own country and wanted to dispose of their bikes registered in India."

A Nigerian would take calls by people to the number in the ad and, saying he was in London or the US, ask the caller to talk to his manager in India, said the police.

"The so-called manager would email the victims pictures of bikes with Indian registration in a foreign country and ask them to deposit a sum of money in an account," an officer said. "Once a victim deposited the amount, they would send another email asking him to deposit the cargo and shipping bill, and then another bill and so on."


Aamby Days...

India has recently put one of its motoring icons to sleep, with the Hindustan Ambassador having gone out of production. The Ambassador now ends a career of almost six decades, with maker Hindustan Motors citing plummeting sales.
Talks of a reinvention for the Ambassador have been dismissed, since Hindustan Motors not only axed the Ambassador, but also shut down the Uttarpara plant where the car was built. The Ambassador’s demise is just one of the carmaker’s problems, which is currently in the red and in search of investors.

Courtesy::- Rohit C.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Toyota Etios Motor Racing Trophy back for 2014

Toyota Etios Motor Racing(EMR) is back with a bang. The event, which received a massive response in its debut season last year, returns with its second edition. The series comprises four races taking place over two weekends, slotted for the July 18 – 20 and September 12 – 15, this year.
The Toyota EMR is back again this year with the first round kicking off in July this year
Run by the Madras Motor Sport Club (MMSC), the races are set to take place along with the National Racing Championship. The event kicks off with first two races at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, from where the latter half of the series moves to the Buddh International Circuit in Noida.
Registrations for the EMR are open until the 30th of May ’14. So all you speed junkies* can go ahead can book yourselves ahead of time.
*Age limit for the participants is up to 25 years