Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Motorcycle Repair Crash Course

Learn and repair Motorcycle and don't get fool by Mechs....

My teaching fee is near to 10000Rs. for 30days (physical days.)

+ free video for learning online + ref.books xerox. (you will have to take it your own way) + tools on chargeable basis + xerox copy of service manuals (what ever i have I will give you-each manual that you will pay if you want). . pre-payment of all. excluding tools. tools u can choose then i can give u cost. + your trust and determination....

if not possible constantly then u can come sat and aim is to complete 30 days...

for more details call on 9822212496
Location - Pune
Not affiliated to any institute or organisation.
This is for learning basics.
No job guaranty.
No certification course.   

The course is based on my own experience which I have gathered from last 15yrs. I may be wrong while teaching because I am also human being who makes error.