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Video - Scotch Clip


This video will give you an idea of attaching or making wire joint. Hassel free joints which can also avoid short circuit in your automobile. 

Motorcycle Battery Testing

This video will give you an idea about how to test the battery and its charging circuit.
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Gadget World

2016 Moto Guzzi V7 II

SNEAK PREVIEW: 2016 Moto Guzzi V7 II New second-generation Moto Guzzi V7 makes its debut at INTERMOT 2014 next week.

Moto Guzzi V7 II Stone studio 3/4 view
Moto Guzzi has just released advance pictures and a few details about the new V7 II, which will be officially unveiled to the public next week at the INTERMOT motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany. Meaningful attention has been paid to the mechanical hardware. Totally new is a six-speed gearbox, which replaces the old, slow-shifting five-speed. This new box allows for a better-staged gear sequence, which will help the rider extract brisker acceleration and more spirited performance from the 750cc 90-degree v-twin.
Although the engine is unchanged, it has been lowered 10mm inside a slightly modified frame and tilted toward the front axle 4 degrees, which improves the look of the V7 while creating more room for the rider’s legs and knees. Also, the footpegs have been lowered nearly an inch (25mm), creating a much more comfortable riding posture. Moreover, a new electronics suite has been adopted, increasing safety with two-channel ABS and traction control.
As with the previous model, the Moto Guzzi V7 II will be offered in three versions: the basic Stone, the touring-oriented Special, and the sporty Racer. It’s far to early for Moto Guzzi to announce the price of the new V7 II, but chances are good that they will be be considered 2016 models and be priced very close to what a 2015 V7 Stone costs today: $8490.
Moto Guzzi V7 II Stone studio side view 


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Ma Qing Hua prepares for home race

The Citroën driver made history last July by becoming the first Chinese driver ever to win an FIA World Championship race.

The two China race meetings of the FIA WTCC are around the corner and the entire WTCC community is looking forward to be next weekend in Beijing and discover the Goldenport Park Circuit that will make its debut in the championship’s calendar.
But, clearly, the most anxious of all is Ma Qing Hua, the 26-year-old driver of Citroën that made history last July by becoming the first Chinese driver ever to win an FIA World Championship race.
“I am really happy to have the opportunity to do the races in Beijing, Shanghai and Macau, it is really great!” admits Ma. “Of course, I particularly look forward to Shanghai, as this is my home town and I expect a lot of family, friends and fans to come and cheer for me. The most important for me at the moment is to prepare well and stay focused on racing!”

Historic win in Moscow

Something that may prove difficult, as Ma’s status has completely changed following his historic win in Moscow.
“This win is going to stay as the most important moment in my career and probably in my entire life,” he acknowledges. “It was historic for me and also for Chinese motorsports, and I really feel a sense of happiness and pride. I must admit my life has changed since then. A lot of Chinese saw that race on TV and felt proud of what I did, and after that win there was a lot of media attention on me. I did a lot of interviews and as a result, I now get recognized and greeted in the streets! It’s a nice feeling, but I want to keep my feet on the ground.”
The Citroën driver also underlines that he won’t be the only focus of attention of Chinese fans: “The FIA WTCC is getting every day more popular in China, the interest is growing very fast. It is a very good show to watch for fans, who are getting every day more excited about the competition”.

The man who believed in Ma’s success

Ma Qing Hua’s victory in Race 2 at Moscow, on his debut in the FIA WTCC, came as surprise to everyone in motorsport circles… except for one person that knows him well: Luis Pérez-Sala.
A former F1 and touring car driver, the Spaniard had been following Ma closely since his early days in international single-seater formulae and was almost amused by the general astonishment provoked by Ma’s performances in the WTCC.
“People suddenly realized how good he is, but I knew it long time before…” said Pérez-Sala, who also worked with Ma when he was team principal of HRT, the short-lived Spanish F.1 team for which the young Chinese was a tester and drove on the Friday morning free practice session in four GPs in 2012.
“We were a small team struggling against all odds, but Ma managed to impress us. He was competitive on the track, never made a mistake and was also able to give excellent technical feedback to the engineers. In those four Friday mornings, he always made the 107% threshold which wasn’t a given objective for us.”
Pérez-Sala has no doubt: “Ma is talented and fast, very calm in the car and outside, and now he has quite some experience with very different types of cars. He can do well in any category in motorsports and I’m sure Citroën has made a very good choice…”


Hot Ford Mustang and Arguments...

This boy ends all arguments about styling of 6th-gen Ford Mustang

This boy ends all arguments about styling of 6th-gen Ford Mustang
When the sixth-generation Ford Mustang was unveiled in December last year, opinion around the automotive world was pretty much divided right in the middle. Many people praised the car's sportier, more aggressive styling--including our very own Dinzo Tabamo, who attended the launch in Sydney, Australia--but just as many people ridiculed it, saying the iconic automobile had lost its aura of machismo and gone the way of fashionable Japanese (and even Korean) coupes.
Social media was particularly critical of the car's design, and understandably so--the new Mustang looks superficially and flirtatiously curvaceous in two-dimensional images. But seeing it in the metal is something else, I tell you. It looks like a rock star. Which is possibly why Ford Motor Company made me stay in Sunset Marquis Hotel in West
, California, during my test drive of the car. This hotel is famous for being a favorite lodging place among, er, rock stars. But I could be biased, you know. The Mustang is somewhat dear to me because my father owns and drives one. I fear that Ford could launch a Mustang that looks like a boring Lincoln model and I'd still swoon over it. So maybe my opinion of the new Mustang's aesthetics shouldn't count.
Now, if I can't trust my own self to hand down a verdict on the Mustang's appearance, whom can I rely on?
The answer came to me yesterday on a parking lot just outside a McDonald's restaurant. Just as I was about to take off after partaking of a quick Quarter Pounder lunch, a stocky boy emerged from the fast-food place and walked toward my dark-gray Mustang. He ogled it lustfully--or in a manner that looked endearing only because he was a prepubescent seventh-grader. If that kind of ogling had come from a full-grown, adult male, I would have seriously feared for my personal safety.
"Is that the 2015 model?" he asked me.
"Yes, it is," I said, amused that I was talking to a kid who seemed to know his cars.
"It's a beautiful car," he uttered with the kind of longing an adolescent boy might feel for his first crush.
"You want to drive it?" I teased him.
"I can't wait to turn 18," he shot back.
And then he started reluctantly walking away.
Crushed that I couldn't offer him anything with a Mustang logo on it, I called him and motioned for him to come back.
"Stand beside the car," I said. "I need to take your photo."
His eyes sparkled and he immediately put down his takeout food by the curb. He then posed next to the Mustang like he had just hit the lottery.
I guess I blew him away when I asked him to sit in the driver's seat.
I drove away happy with the thought that I had made the day of 12-year-old Mark Dennis from Torrance, California. If you think about it, boys like him are exactly why awesome-looking cars exist. His, I think, was an innocent, untainted appraisal of the all-new Mustang's exterior styling. You can't get any purer than that.
Photos by Vernon B. Sarne

This boy ends all arguments about styling of 6th-gen Ford Mustang



Harley Street 750

Harley Street 750 with 20watt and 10 watt cree Fog lights
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Motorcycle Management

Motorcycle Management
Basic Course
Duration- 30 days for daily 2 hours except Sunday
Timings evening 6pm to 8pm
Advance Course
Duration- 30 days for daily 8 hours except Sunday
From Morning 8 am to 6pm

Chinmay Dangre
Saint Dyaneshwar Business complex
Shop No.9, Sector 28, Under Provident fund office.
Behind Mahalsakant College
Pradhikaran Nigdi
9822212496 or
For more details meet me at workshop.

Basic Course Details                     
Virtual or Demo Practical                                                                                                              
Videos on how to repairs automotive machines                                               
Introduction of Imported Bikes and its repair                                     
ECU technology                                                                                               
Dynamometer Technology                                                         
Electricals and Electronics of vehicles                                     
Introduction of Special and standard tools                             
Videos on Automotive new concept                                      

Advance Course Details                                                                                                                          
Videos on how to repairs automotive machines                                               
Introduction of Imported Bikes and its repair                                     
ECU technology                                                                                               
Dynamometer Technology                                                         
Electricals and Electronics of vehicles                                     
Introduction of Special and standard tools                             
Videos on Automotive new concept
Videos on how to repairs automotive machines
working on imported bikes if logins to workshop
handling scanner and data logger
understanding custom jobs for motorcycles

*Basic course is only in brief not in details. No hands on experience will be shared on motorcycles. Only practical will be shown. In advance course student can work on any motorcycle or vehicle whenever and whichever login to the workshop. Student will get informative notes with gifts if ordered separately in advance course, apart from tuition fee. Informative notes are under chargeable basis. 

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