Thursday, September 25, 2014

‘Indian Women Riders & Women Power’

‘Indian Women Riders & Women Power’- Shruthi Naidu

Shruthi Naidu
Shruthi Naidu with her Royal Enfield Classic 350
Ever since the introduction of motorcycles, motorcycle riding has timely been considered a boy’s thing. But the twist in tale is now on the pages. Women like never before are not simply throttling the accelerator but are also shifting the gear pedals and taking charge.
Meet, Shruthi Naidu a techie based in Pune. She may look like any other girl in the town at her first glance but very soon you will be taken by surprise to see her transform into a cutting edge rider, as she hits the road on her two wheeled monster. Pursuing her riding career for more than a decade, Shruthi has remarkably excelled in the motorcycling arena.

Shruthi Naidu
Shruthi Naidu
While most of the women tend to choose scooters over motorcycles, Shruthi marks herself as no less than an ambassador of growing female motorcycle riders. Her ten years of motorcycling journey has evolved from the Yamaha RX100 to Royal Enfield Classic 350.
Shruthi Naidu
Shruthi Naidu
Shruthi’s favorite rides include the RE Classic and Electra. When asked about her favorite tracks she replied “Ghats and dirt track are my favorite as they require lot of skill and concentration”.
Shruthi has not only participated in most of the rides organized by ROYAL ENFIELD India but has also added few achievements to her name.
Shruthi Naidu
Shruthi Naidu
Following is the list of individual records made by Shruthi over the years:
Coastal Karnataka and Goa every year since 2005 for 11 days.
• Solo rides in Interior Karnataka, coastal Kerala and Maharashtra.
• Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry for 8 days.
• Central India Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh in 2011.
• Record of riding 810 kms in a single day on Royal Enfield.
• Highest speed till date- 188 kms/hr on Yamaha R1 !
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That is not it; she has a count of over 2, 65,000 kilometers under her wheels which are still rolling.
Cautious, not just on road but on social causes as well, Shruthi has regularly participated in rides for social causes. Few of them include-
• All India Women’s Ride for Safety – Pune, Mumbai.
• Mentor of Riding Club – Blitzkrieg, Shruthi has motivated female riders by organizing rides for fun and social causes along with her co-riders.
• With the help of RTO, Pune. Shruthi had organized safety ride and Helmet awareness among the youth.
Her determination is clearly manifested as she leaves a message to other female riders, “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do, “Believe in yourself, the challenges of life are not supposed to paralyze you, they only help you discover who you are”