Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ninja H2 FLY BY

Let's face it, we probably won't get a clear look at the supercharged Ninja H2 until Kawasaki's official introduction at the International Motorcycle Show (Intermot) in Cologne. The annual German fair is traditionally rich with unveilings and the H2 will surely be one of the highlights for 2014.
In this sixth video release, Kawasaki has wisely provided something more than a quick unidentifiable flash of what we want to see. Oh, we get that too with a top-speed fly-by at the end, but at least it's supplemented with 60 seconds of archival images to help tie in the new H2 model with it's legendary namesake. And rather than just throw another teaser at you, we ventured into the MC archives and pulled out a few clips of our own including page 23 of the November 1971 issue of Motorcyclist titled simply "Kawasaki '72." Two New Triples was the sub-title and it gave readers a preview of the very first H2.


video courtesy and kawasakitv